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Saturday, December 05, 2015

2015 Robots, Rockets and Ribs! Saturday, December 5, 2015
11am until 3pm

The Cy-Borgs Robotics team #3335 is throwing a party!  FIRST robotics team #3335 is sponsored in part by the MIT Club of South Texas.  On Saturday, December 5 from 11am until 3pm the Cy-Borgs will be hosting their first fun fundraising where they will be demonstrating their robots,  participating in a rocket launch contest, and serving Texas style ribs/bbq plates.  Learn more..

Sunday, December 06, 2015

2015 MIT Club of South Texas Annual Holiday Party We are pleased to announce the 2015 MIT Club of South Texas Holiday Party will be held once again at Lemongrass Café in Bellaire. Lemongrass offers a subtle Asian Fusion cuisine prepared by gourmet chef Srifah Vorarittinapa who has worked at the Four Seasons, Brennan’s and studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.  Please join the MIT Club for a holiday celebration with delicious food and good company.

Lemongrass Café
Sunday, December 6, 2015

3:30pm - 6:00pm
Cash Bar / Heavy hors d'oeuvres
Door Prizes (bring an unwrapped toy that we will donate to charity and receive an extra door prize drawing ticket)

Please RSVP before December 2, 11:59pm CT via our website registration
Sign up to receive a special reminder email 48 hours before the registration deadline

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K-12 STEM News

Science Olympiad - Feb 6, 2016 - Call for Volunteers

K-12 STEM Volunteer Opportunity - Science Olympiad Tournament 2016
Feb 6, 2015
Kingwood High School

Learn more at www.mithouston.org/science-olympiad

The MIT Club of South Texas is the co sponsor of a Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament to be held at Kingwood High School on February 6, 2016. Over a dozen MIT alums/parents volunteered last year to contribute to the success of our inaugural event.

We are looking for MIT alumni and their friends and family to help out in several areas:

1. Test writing/creation as an Event Supervisor for one of the Middle School (B) or High School (C) topics.

2. Help running the invitational on February 6, 2016.   Volunteers are needed to proctor and grade exams, compile scores and give out awards.

To volunteer or for more information please contact
Marilyn Taggi Cisar at marilyn@mithouston.org
or Coleen Smith at MITCoSTX.Tournament@gmail.com
or visit the Club of South Texas’ Science Olympiad background webpage www.mithouston.org/science-olympiad 

More information on the Science Olympiad general program can be found at www.soinc.org 


1. (v) what you do when you have an itch
2. (n) an programming language developed at MIT to help teach children (and adults) programming in a fun and easy manner
3. (n) an opportunity to participate in the MIT K-12 STEM outreach

We have two opportunities to work with high school students on projects involving the SCRATCH programming language.

The first opportunity is working as an event coordinator or grader for the MIT Club of South Texas/Kingwood High School Science Olympiad Invitational at Kingwood High School on Saturday, February 6, 2016.  The event is called "Game On" and is a new national event that was trialed here in Texas last year.  As the event coordinator, you create the "test" in which you direct the teams on a broad theme and required game elements.   Several volunteers will be required to score the programs after the exam.    SCRATCH is available for download at scratch.mit.edu

A second opportunity is teaching SCRATCH at the Star of Hope mission.  The MIT Club of South Texas is putting together a series of STEM programs for high school students on Friday evenings at the Star of Hope Mission and demonstrating accessible technology for high school students.  SCRATCH has been designed to let students have quick results from their programming effort.  Dates will be scheduled in 2016.

If you are interested in helping with either of these activities please contact Marilyn Taggi Cisar at marilyn@mithouston.org

Robots, Rockets and Ribs!

Saturday, December 5, 2015
11am until 3pm

The Cy-Borgs Robotics team #3335 is throwing a party!  FIRST robotics team #3335 is sponsored in part by the MIT Club of South Texas.  On Saturday, December 5 from 11am until 3pm  the Cy-Borgs will be hosting their first fun fundraising where they will be demonstrating their robots, participating in a rocket launch contest, and serving Texas style ribs/bbq plates.  

These roboteers will become rocketeers as they venture into the world of water launched rockets constructed from 2 liter soda bottles.   So come out and enjoy some time with the Cy-Borg Robotics team and their new rockets.   The venue is still being nailed down, but it will be in the Cypress area. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

For up to the minute details on the event, please check the team's website www.cypressranchrobotics.com

For further information contact Marilyn Taggi Cisar at marilyn@mithouston.org

South Texas K-12 STEM Webpage Launch
We have launched our K-12 STEM webpage!
Learn more...

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MIT Hyperloop Team Needs Your Support

The MIT Hyperloop Team needs your support! The team is an incredible ensemble of Course 15, 2, 16, and 6 students, and they are building a pod to compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop competition in June 2016. Because they are constructing and designing a physical half-scale pod, they require significant funds to cover materials, machining, electronics, etc.

Hyperloop is a new paradigm of transportation proposed by Elon Musk in 2013. Cruising at 760 mph, Hyperloop is poised to revolutionize transportation. Travelling in an evacuated tube above the ground, it allows passenger travel at high velocity with low energy consumption due to the diminished drag force of atmospheric air.

Over 160 university teams are participating in the first ever pod competition organized by SpaceX. From now until June 2016, Team MIT will be designing, refining, and constructing our pod leading up to the competition test run at a 1 mile testing tube constructed by SpaceX in Los Angeles, California.

They are looking for support from alumni in any of these four ways:
1. Stay Updated - sign up to receive occasional updates about team progress and milestones
2. Advise - sign up to receive technical updates from engineering leads and help advance and critique pod design
3. Refer - Introduce us to potential corporate sponsors
4. Donate - Help support the team with tax-deductible donations through the team's MIT Annual Fund account

For more information, please contact the team at hyperloop-lead@mit.edu or visit the team website http://hyperloop.mit.edu

Seeking volunteers for Star of Hope “Activities for Teens” Sessions

As part of its local community outreach the MIT Club of South Texas will host a series of educational enrichment programs for teen residents of the Star of Hope.  The programs will be held on Friday evenings at the Women & Family Emergency Shelter and Transitional Living Center in Houston.

Initial program topics include a demonstration by a robotics competition team, current direction of space exploration and technology careers in 2025 (medical, industrial, military, etc.). Each program would be a one-evening presentation with an engaging multifaceted curriculum designed for youth. Volunteers are needed for curriculum development as well as presenters including professionals to offer testimonials and encouragement.  Alumni may volunteer for either curriculum development or curriculum presentation tasks.
All participants in the presentations required to complete a Star of Hope Volunteer Application for advance clearance. Those seeking additional information or interested in joining a program night please contact David Brown at david-b@mithouston.org

Annual Club Membership Drive – Calendar Year 2015

The MIT Club of South Texas invites you to join or renew your membership for 2015.  Membership in the club runs coincident with the calendar year.  Need to sign up for 2015 membership or need to check your membership status?  Please visit our website Membership page.  Sign up now in the last quarter of CY2015 (Oct - Dec), and get credit for both 2015 and 2016 membership years!

We’re Looking for Speakers…Got an Interesting Topic?

Can you give an interesting presentation about your profession (or avocation)?  This can be a professional talk, an overview of an area, or a collection of “war stories” about your professional experiences. We’re looking for local alums to speak at an upcoming club event.  Learn more...

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